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Teresa Herrera, after her last day working with us: “I couldn’t be more happy and grateful”

Teresa Herrera, after her last day working with us: “I couldn't be more happy and grateful”

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From the first day he felt the company of Francisco, who also has extensive experience in the tourism sector. She also highlights her concern for the needs of the people in her charge and for the well-being of her workers, which has helped her to be more efficient and organized. Apart from the good environment and Francisco’s concern for his workers, Teresa has known and learned a lot about the operation and management of a hotel, in addition to the work of a receptionist and the effort it takes to be there.

He also wanted to highlight the camaraderie between the receptionists and the good connection with colleagues from other departments and companies with which he has also worked and learned.

In short, he defines this experience as unforgettable and hopes to be able to demonstrate everything he has learned during his time working with us, and is grateful for the opportunity to work in this company with such a close and humble person.