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Chinese tourists choose Zaragoza as a tourist destination

Chinese tourism in Zaragoza tries to recover the pre-pandemic figures

In 2019, China was the first issuing country of travelers to Zaragoza. They accounted for 20% of the total number of foreign tourists who visited the capital and this is how the Zaragoza City Council tried to promote it, until the pandemic arrived and the Asian region closed its borders until a few months ago.

Now, Chinese tourism is trying to recover, but there is time to get it. In 2019, 79,374 tourists from China visited the capital, with an economic impact of €135 per person per day. In 2020 these data remained at practically 0 and until now no visits had been registered again. Although the figures are still far from being what they were before the covid, growth is being exponential.

Currently, Chinese tourism is not the same as before the pandemic in any part of the world, but Zaragoza continues to be a destination to travel. Travelers from other countries are also growing, for example, the United States, which ranks fourth on the list, or France, Italy and Portugal.