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Spring in Zaragoza

Father´s Day at Hotel Villa Gomá

We are happy to know that gradually the situation is beginning to normalize. At Hospedium Hotel Villa Gomá we propose a different month of March. Our restaurant is open for all meals and we have prepared a special rate throughout the month. Enjoy our special Father’s Day offer in Zaragoza with Hotel Villa Gomá and Mamá Cristina Restaurant.

Every year, when winter comes to an end, cranes return from North Africa and the south of the Iberian Peninsula to northern Europe. With the arrival of spring they can be seen flying over the city in formation, with their characteristic growl audible from several kilometers away. It is an incomparable worht seeing natural spectacle.

The arrival of good weather invites you to enjoy the city in its entirety. If you are a lover of architecture, it is the best time to walk through the streets and admire its historic monuments.

Did you know that Zaragoza is one of the few cities in the world that has two cathedrals?

The well-known Plaza del Pilar is the perfect starting point to start a tourist route in which to discover the jewels of the city. A walk through history through its architecture. With its impressive Cathedral-Basilica, or Plaza de la Seo, where the Tower of the Cathedral of the Savior, in baroque style, stands out above everything around it. A special mention goes to the so-called Muro de la Parroquieta, being one of the best-known Aragonese Mudejar works.

Other points to consider in any visit to the old town of Zaragoza is the Caesaraugusta Route, that includes the Roman Forum Museum, located in the Plaza de la Seo, the River Port Museum, the Theater Museum, with the remains of one of the largest Roman theaters in Hispania and the Thermal Baths Museum.

Do you know the origin of the name Zaragoza?

The current name of the city derives from Caesaraugusta, the Roman city founded by the Romans over the Iberian village of Salduie. With the arrival of the Muslims to the Iberian Peninsula, the name of the city changed to Saraqusta, and after the reconquest in the 12th century it was renamed Saragoça. As the centuries went by, the name evolved to the current one.

Can you imagine what the city will be called in 500 years from now?

Do not hesitate to contact us, to ask about our special rates and all the information about Zaragoza that you need. We will be happy to make your visit to the city unforgettable.

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