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Renovation Hotel Villa Goma

Start of works 2019

The comfort and wellbeing of our customers is essential for Hotel Villa Goma. The  reinvestment in our facilities and services is always a priority for us, always thinking of the enjoyment of visitors and hotel users.

This 2019 we started strong with the replacement of all the mattresses of the hotel, together with the Zaragoza company Pikolin, specially manufactured to guarantee comfort and quality.

The world changes very fast and the tastes too, so we observe a demand in technology, especially in the latest generation of TV´s. Since this year, you can enjoy our new Samsung Smart TV 43 ‘and relax in your room in the best way.

Last spring, we undertook a reform in our common areas, and thanks to the Zaragoza decoration company “EntreDos” the image of the cafeteria and hotel corridors has been modernized, taking care of our lighting, playing with the geometric lines of the wallpaper and carpets to create a new and much more welcoming environment.

Finally, our reception was remodeled following this visual line of geometric wallpaper and looking for a more modern image according to the rest of the hotel. There have been many customers and curious people who have congratulated us for this more avant-garde and environmentally friendly commitment.

We are waiting for you with the beginning of this new stage. Without a doubt, at Hotel Villa Goma you will feel at home.

Renovation works: Summer '19

Following our firm commitment to a warmer and more modern environment, we have undertaken the second phase of the renovation, focused on romos. As it can not be otherwise, with the professional help and advice of the Zaragoza decoration company ” Entredos”.

Closing the cycle started with the common areas, the client must understand the hotel as an experience and we want to make you feel at home. With careful lighting and additional to our services, we wanted to capture this comfort in each of the elements that make up the room.

A new look of the walls, combining the wallpaper with the depth of the painting, linked to the new beadheads to give more warmth. Details such as the new desk chairs make up a room that will allow you to enjoy your stay at Hotel Villa Goma.

As special feature, and as seen in the photos, each room has been studied individually, so the design is completely different. You can discover a new sensation in each room.

Finally, and following a line of energy efficiency that the hotel has been carrying out in recent years, improvements have been made to boilers and customers and service lifts.

We are delighted to welcome you to enjoy our new rooms and facilities with us. Waiting for you at Hotel Villa Goma, your home in Zaragoza.