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Agreement: Canem Foundation and Hotel Villa Gomá

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Zaragoza is a city full of new projects and exciting people, and fate made us find a foundation that captivated us, the CANEM Foundation.

It is a Zaragoza foundation, which prepares medical alert dogs for people with diabetes and epilepsy for over the last than 11 years. It organizes various activities throughout the year to support and give visibility to its work.

It should be noted that the CANEM protocol has the experience of more than 100 assistance dogs delivered to families in different countries like Spain, Colombia, Germany or the Czech Republic.

Its director, Paco, and the educational psychologist, Lidia, are completely committed to the cause, and their lives are an example to everyone of dedication and good work. For all this, Hotel Villa Gomá gives its support and help to the foundation and the families that stay with us.

 It is essential for us to make our Guest fell like at home, so, since the opening of the hotel, pets are allowed in the rooms, because we understand that they are part of our daily life, our trips and future experiences that we can live in Zaragoza.

In this respect, Zaragoza has become a pet-friendly city, with several restaurants and cafes that admit pets or as the new law of January 2014, which admits its entry into the tram in the rear cars.ç

Our most sincere congratulations to Canem and all our support to continue with this great work.

*Pics from http://dulcesdetectores.com/